State’s job posting site comes back online

TSEA June 19, 2013 Comments Off on State’s job posting site comes back online
State’s job posting site comes back online

Earlier today, the state’s job portal website (NeoGov) came back online. As of the writing of this message there were 225 positions posted on the site. The closing date listed for many of these positions is June 25th – next Tuesday. TSEA encourages all employees affected by the RIF who are interested in applying for other work within state government to take the opportunity to apply for these jobs while the positions are open.

If you are affected by the recent reductions-in-force (RIF), and your lay-off date is this week, you need to be aware that Davidson County Circuit Court Judge Amanda McClendon – by way of a temporary restraining order – has barred the state from laying any employees off until after a decision is announced concerning TSEA’s lawsuit against the state at a court hearing at 10 AM, Monday, June 24th.

If you are set to be laid off this week, and your department moves ahead with the layoff before Monday, June 24th, they have violated the court order. Please report any violation directly to TSEA immediately!

NOTE: Your layoff date may be extended considerably if the judge rules in TSEA’s favor on Monday.

To report a violation, please fill out and submit this form: URGENT! RIF Report Form

To view the current job openings for the state of Tennessee, Click Here