TEAM-PAC endorsed candidates win big

TSEA November 9, 2016 Comments Off on TEAM-PAC endorsed candidates win big
TEAM-PAC endorsed candidates win big

All but one – 99 percent – of TEAM-PAC’s endorsed candidates in the 2016 general election were elected to serve in Tennessee’s 110th General Assembly. This is great news for state employees!

Whether you knocked on doors, make phone calls, put up a lawn sign, interviewed candidates, shared information, or simply voted for our endorsed candidates, your efforts made a difference in the state election. By electing legislators who support state employees, you’ve ensured a better future for all state employees in Tennessee.

For complete voting results from the November 8 election, please visit the Secretary of State’s election results page here.

Congratulations to all of the winning endorsed candidates:


2 Doug Overbey (R)
4 Jon Lundberg (R)
6 Becky Duncan Massey (R)
8 Frank Niceley (R)
10 Todd Gardenhire (R)
12 Ken Yager (R)
14 Jim Tracy (R)
16 Janice Bowling (R)
20 Steven Dickerson (R)
22 Mark Green (R)
26 Dolores Gresham (R)
28 Joey Hensley (R)
30 Sara P. Kyle (D)


1 John Crawford (R)
2 Bud Hulsey (R)
3 Timothy Hill (R)
4 John Holsclaw (R)
5 David B. Hawk (R)
6 Micah Van Huss (R)
7 Matthew Hill (R)
8 Art Swann (R)
9 Gary Hicks (R)
10 Tilman Goins (R)
11 Jeremy Faison (R)
12 Dale Carr (R)
13 Eddie Smith (R)
14 Jason Zachary (R)
16 Bill Dunn (R)
17 Andrew Ellis Farmer (R)
19 Harry Brooks (R)
20 Bob Ramsey (R)
21 Jimmy Matlock (R)
22 Dan Howell (R)
23 John Forgety (R)
24 Kevin D Brooks (R)
25 Cameron Sexton (R)
26 Gerald McCormick(R)
27 Patsy Hazlewood (R)
28 JoAnne Favors (D)
29 Mike Carter (R)
30 Marc Gravitt (R)
31 Ron Travis (R)
32 Kent D. Calfee (R)
33 John D. Ragan (R)
36 Dennis H. Powers (R)
38 Kelly T Keisling (R)
39 David Alexander (R)
41 John Mark Windle (D)
45 Courtney Rogers (R)
46 Mark Pody (R)
47 Judd Matheny (R)
48 Dr. Bryan Terry (R)
49 Mike Sparks (R)
50 Bo Mitchell (D)
51 Bill Beck (D)
52 Michael Stewart (D)
53 Jason Powell (D)
54 Brenda Gilmore (D)
55 John Ray Clemmons (D)
56 Beth Harwell (R)
57 Susan M. Lynn (R)
58 Harold M. Love, Jr. (D)
59 Sherry Jones (D)
60 Darren Jernigan (D)
61 Charles M. Sargent Jr. (R)
64 Sheila Butt (R)
66 Sabi Kumar (R)
67 Joe Pitts (D)
68 Curtis Johnson (R)
70 Barry Doss (R)
72 Steve McDaniel (R)
73 Jimmy Eldridge (R)
75 Tim Wirgau (R)
76 Andy Holt (R)
77 Bill Sanderson (R)
78 Mary Littleton (R)
80 Johnny W. Shaw (D)
81 Debra Moody (R)
82 Craig Fitzhugh (D)
84 Joe Towns, Jr. (D)
85 Johnnie R. Turner (D)
86 Barbara Cooper (D)
87 Karen Camper (D)
88 Larry J. Miller (D)
89 Roger Kane (R)
90 John J. Deberry, Jr. (D)
91 Raumesh Akbari (D)
93 G. A. Hardaway (D)
94 Ron M. Gant (R)
97 Jim Coley (R)
98 Antonio Parkinson (D)
99 Ron Lollar (R)

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