Compensation Study Update

TSEA June 14, 2013 Comments Off on Compensation Study Update
Compensation Study Update

Earlier today, Governor Haslam sent out the following message to all state employees regarding the compensation study for executive branch employees (There are three branches of government – Judicial, Legislative, and Executive. All employees working for state departments and agencies are employees of the Executive branch mentioned in the email below).

Dear state employees:

As we continue to work together toward a state government that is as customer-focused, efficient and effective as possible, you – our state employees – are crucial to our success.

Recruiting, retaining and rewarding state workers is key to ensuring that we’re operating at the highest quality level, and compensation is an important part of that process.

In 2012, the state began a compensation study to compare state employee salaries to the private sector and other public sector jobs. We included funding in last year’s and this year’s budgets to address the findings of that study totaling nearly $58 million.

The study is complete, and I am pleased to tell you that 86 percent of executive branch positions will receive a salary increase as a result of the findings of the market study.

The market study-based adjustment will be in addition to the 1.5 percent across the board increase that all state employees will receive.

This is a first step in developing a comprehensive approach to compensation, which will address the appropriate mix of salaries and benefits necessary to successfully compete in the market place for talented people in the years to come.

You will be receiving additional information in the coming days about your specific salary adjustment that will go into effect July 1.

Thank you for what you do every day to serve the citizens of Tennessee.


Bill Haslam