Update on TSEA Lawsuit Challenging State’s Handling of Layoffs

TSEA June 17, 2013 0
Update on TSEA Lawsuit Challenging State’s Handling of Layoffs

Today, at a 9 AM hearing before Davidson County Circuit Judge Amanda McClendon, lawyers for TSEA and Governor Haslam and the several departments recently sued by TSEA argued their respective cases regarding TSEA’s allegation that the state failed to provide the legally required 60-day notice to hundreds of state employees who recently received lay-off notices.

Judge McClendon took the matter under advisement and will announce her decision at a second hearing at 10 AM, Monday, June 24th. In the meantime, the Judge’s temporary restraining order issued Monday, June 10th will remain in effect. That restraining order bars the state from laying off any employees until those employees have received a full 60-day notice, during which they must have had access to a listing of all state jobs available and the ability to apply for those jobs for the entire 60-day period.

The practical result of today’s events in court for state employees, whose last day of employment is scheduled to be this week, is that the final date of your layoff notice is now extended until at least Monday June 24th. That date will be extended considerably longer if the judge rules in TSEA’s favor on Monday.

We will continue to keep you up to date as the suit progresses.

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