TSEA urges Gov. Lee to prioritize state employees

TSEA February 4, 2021 Comments Off on TSEA urges Gov. Lee to prioritize state employees
TSEA urges Gov. Lee to prioritize state employees

NASHVILLE – The Tennessee State Employees Association urges Gov. Bill Lee to include funding for State and Higher Education salary and market adjustments in his proposed FY21/22 state budget.

“Our state employees continue to go above and beyond the call of duty during the pandemic, risking their health and safety daily,” TSEA Executive Director Randy Stamps said. “We call on Governor Lee and the members of the General Assembly to recognize and reward the commitment, dedication, and hard work of our state employees.”

The Tennessee General Assembly in June of 2020 eliminated funding in the state budget for the FY20/21 performance raises, market adjustments, and other benefits for state employees due to dire economic projections. TSEA advocated at the time for this funding for state employees to remain in the budget. Still, the economic outlook was not compatible with an increase. Cuts to the FY20/21 budget totaled over $1 billion.

Recent budget numbers show positive signs of growth. The December revenue report showed Tennessee’s yearly revenues for five months were $732.8 million more than the budgeted estimate. TSEA believes funding should now be available to secure the proper monetary rewards.

On January 15, before the special session on education, TSEA sent Gov. Bill Lee and General Assembly members a letter urging the governor to include funding for pay adjustments for state and higher education employees in the state budget.  

“There are countless examples of how our state employees have been there for us during this pandemic while we’ve needed them,” Stamps said. “Now that the budget numbers are showing signs of growth, it is time for our state to be there for our state employees in the form of salary adjustments.”

Gov. Lee will hold his State of the State address on Monday, February 8. Soon following his speech, Gov. Lee will release his proposed FY21/22 state budget.

Founded in 1974, TSEA represents the rights and interests of state and higher education employees in Tennessee and has a rich history of improving the lives of its state employee members. For more information, visit TSEA’s website at www.tseaonline.org.