Gov. Bill Lee includes raises and additional benefits in proposed budget

TSEA February 7, 2023 0
Gov. Bill Lee includes raises and additional benefits in proposed budget

NASHVILLE – Governor Bill Lee delivered his State of the State address on February 6, 2023, proposing significant funding for Tennessee’s state employees.

Here are a few highlights from Gov. Lee’s proposed budget:

  • Increase in base pay for state employees with funding equivalent to a 5.0 percent salary increase.
  • Funding for a 5.0 percent salary pool for higher education employees.
  • Recurring funding for market salary adjustments for state employees.
  • Implementation of a paid parental leave program for state employees.
  • Non-recurring funding to increase the 401(k) match for one year at 2:1 for the first $50 employee contribution.
  • Increase in pay for DCS caseworkers.
  • Deposits of $300,000,000 to the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS) Trust Fund and $250,000,000 to the Other Postemployment Benefits (OPEB) Trust Fund to reduce or eliminate unfunded liabilities in both trust funds.

These proposals were met with enthusiasm by TSEA, which has long advocated for the rights and interests of state employees.

“We appreciate Governor Lee’s ongoing commitment to supporting and valuing the hardworking state employees of Tennessee,” said Latanya McAdoo, Interim Executive Director of TSEA. “As the voice of state employees, TSEA looks forward to working with the legislature to ensure these proposals become a reality for the dedicated individuals who serve our state daily.”

We expect to learn more about the Governor’s proposed budget in the coming days. Please stay up to date on all of the latest news impacting state employees by signing up for our email list.

Click here to view Gov. Lee’s proposed budget for FY2023/2024

Click here to read the Gov. Lee’s 2023 State of the State transcript

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