Pay For Performance changes

TSEA September 23, 2016 Comments Off on Pay For Performance changes
Pay For Performance changes

As you may have heard or read, there has been a change in how the Pay for Performance salary adjustments are allocated for the next round of salary increases.

According to the Dept. of Human Resources’ P4P guidelines, “A portion of the Pay for Performance salary adjustment will be included in the employee’s pay as an increase to his or her annual salary, with the increased amount rounded to the nearest dollar. The percentage increase will be the same for employees who receive any of these three ratings [“Valued,” “Advanced,” or “Outstanding”]; however, employees receiving an Advanced or Outstanding rating will also receive an additional one-time, non-recurring bonus. The Department will release the salary increase percentages and bonus amounts as soon as practicable after evaluating all performance scores and allocating the available budget.”

We are now working to determine the impact on employees of this shift in policy, but, at a minimum, we believe the policy shouldn’t be changed in the eleventh hour, mere days before the performance management rating period ends.

We do not know the percentages or bonus amounts at this time. As we continue to investigate the impact to state employees from this policy change, we will keep you up to date on our progress and will share any other information that becomes available.